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Residential & Commercial Spray Foam

Maximum Insulation Rating 

The Best

Thermal Barrier

Incredible air seal & vapor barrier

Increases Structural Integrity

30-40% strength increase to the framing system

Durable and Long Lasting 

Over one hundred year life span

Kelowna & the Okanagan Valley
Kelowna - Westbank - Vernon
Armstrong - Enderby - Shuswap
Summerland - Penticton - Osyoos 
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Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands
Nanaimo - Victoria - Sooke
Campbell River - Port Hardy 
Port Alberni & the Gulf Islands 

Working together to help B.C. save energy

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Forefront Insulation offers a number of residential and commercial rebates through BC Hydro, Fortis BC and Clean BC. Ask one of our friendly staff members how much money you can save!

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Introducing the next generation of High Efficiency Insulation

Of all the types of insulation, spray foam insulation offers the highest r-value per thickness. Professional spray foam insulation has several benefits for any project.

Spray foam also reduces air leaks better than other insulation types. It fills awkward spaces easily and completely. Spray foam insulation is simply better at reducing heat loss through both conduction and convection.

Vast Residential & Commercial Experience

Professional &

Organized Team

High Quality&

Durable Finish

Environmentally Sustainable
& Accountable Product


Why is it the Best?

  • Air leakage is practically eliminated

  • Building energy efficiency is improved

  • Energy bills are lowered

  • Moisture accumulation is prevented

  • Difficult to reach spaces are sealed

  • Removes habitat for allergens and dust mites

  • Maintains R-Value in extreme heat and cold

  • Enhances structural strength

  • Improves indoor air quality and more....

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Old insulation that has been effected by rodents, moisture, mold or smoke etc. should be properly replaced.

We remove the old insulation, vacuum out all the areas effected, after properly being inspected, we sanitize and or spray for mold as required. We dispose of the old insulation safely, according to environmental regulations & provide the test required documents.

Once the area is thoroughly cleaned and inspected, new insulation is installed according to your requirements.

Forefront Insulation is your premier foam spray insulation provider offing the very best professional service, care and product. We are a proud member of BC Hydro Power Smart, Fortis BC Energy at Work and Clean BC and as such are able to provide significant savings via rebate offers. Forefront Insulation is also a member of the Better Business Bureau of BC and the Canadian Home Builders Association. 


They were very kind and professional. They left my home clean where they worked and did a good job that was faster than the timeframe given.

The Mathews

Great work crew. Fast and efficient and did exactly what they were going to do with no additional costs.

Lars & Mary

They were on time and got the work done quickly with no real disruption to our home. I have highly recommended them to friends and family already, very impressed!

Chris Parks